A memorandum was signed by FAI director Dr. Chingis Omarov and ARI director Prof. Joachim Wambsgans for a period of five years with the possibility of extension. Main purposes of the memorandum were:

I. Exchange of visits of researchers. Organization of advanced training courses for
employees. Exchange of employee visits for jointly organized projects;

II. Development and implementation of joint research programs;

III. Organization of academic meetings and symposiums. Joint participation and conduct of
scientific schools with the involvement of specialists from both Parties;

IV. Joint research activities. Joint participation in grants announced by state, international,
public and private foundations and organizations;

V. Joint publication of articles, reports and other scientific materials of the staff of the

VI. Exchange of scientific information, publications, materials and knowledge; Organization
of access to scientific centers and facilities for research.

VII. Other forms of educational and scientific cooperation that will be agreed upon by both

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