Project objective – Development of the unified calculation methods for total cross sections of certain thermonuclear rearrangement processes in the stars.

The project aims at solving the actual problems of nuclear astrophysics on the description of the total cross sections of thermonuclear processes of the solar CNO cycle and related with it reactions with protons and neutrons. Such theoretical researches are important for the understanding of the thermonuclear fusion mechanisms in a stellar matter in the Sun and stars. The understanding of this mechanism allows us to carry out future calculations of the total cross sections and the reaction rates for any thermonuclear processes in stars, including the processes of controlled thermonuclear fusion for thermonuclear reactors like ITER. To tackle the problem, the modified potential cluster model (MPCM) of light atomic nuclei with the classification of orbital states according to Young tableaux will be used. Mathematical methods, mathematical model approaches of thermonuclear processes, numerical and program algorithms and computer programs, developed for solving analogous problems, which were considered at the previous stage of work and modified for solving problems of the project were used.

The research results give an opportunity for the proper description of the cross sections for certain class thermonuclear reactions, which are necessary for thermonuclear and astrophysical applications. It allows deeper understand the structure of light atomic nuclei and interaction mechanisms of protons with nuclei at lowest energies, flowing in the Universe and controlled thermonuclear fusion.