Dr. Denis Yurin Lead Researcher

Field: Computational Astrophysics

Email: yurin@aphi.kz
d.jurin@gmail.com (private)

Phone: +7 (727) 260 75 91

Curriculum Vitae (PDF)
PhD Thesis (PDF)

Welcome to my institute home page! I am Postdoc in Laboratory of Cosmology, Stellar Dynamics and Computational Astrophysics. I got my PhD degree from Heidelberg University and did it in Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies under supervision of Volker Springel. I am totally keen on the numerical simulations and believe that one day we will be able to simulate entire Universe!

Research Interests

My research interests lay in the field of computational astrophysics, in particular I am focused on the numerical techniques to construct steady-state N-body galaxy models with prescribed properties and on their subsequent use for dynamical studies of disk galaxies (like survivability in dark matter halos, radial migration and spiral arms).



During my PhD I came up with a new iterative method to construct galaxy models in collisionless equilibrium and successfully implemented it in a parallel code GalIC. The code is publicly available and can be downloaded from here.