The observatory is located on the Assy-Turgen plateau, 2750 meters above sea level, 85 km East from Almaty. Observations began to be performed since 1981.  In 2017 the largest telescope in Kazakhstan – AZT-20 began regular observations.

Basic technical characteristics of AZT-20:

– Main (parabolic) mirror diameter: D = 1560 mm

– Quartz 4-lens focus corrector (reducer): D = 280 mm

– Modified focal length of the telescope: F = 5720 mm

– Allowed diapason of wavelength: λ = 300 – 2500 nm.

– Maximal possible field of view: FOW = 60 х 60 arc minutes

AZT-20 is provided with a slit spectrograph with volume-phase holographic gratings (360, 1800 and 2400 lines/mm) and EMCCD-camera Andor. For photometrical tasks, provided by Sloan filters (g’r’i’z’) and back-illuminated CMOS-camera Kepler KL400 (field of view – 15 х 15 arc minutes).

Assy Turgen is the only observatory in Kazakhstan with ideal astroclimate: high transparency of the atmosphere, no light pollution and very small (average) turbulence.

1-m telescope Carl Zeiss is under reconstruction.

(Video courtesy by EPICAM)